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Before there was a medical system, martial artists didn’t go to massage therapists, chiropractic care, or nutritionists. They learned to heal themselves. Because they understood the body, great fighters became great healers.

Over thousands of years they developed the system of DIT DA, or ‘hit medicine’, which became a large part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The latest concepts in sports medicine are just now touching on what the Chinese codified over 2000 years ago. The ancient system of DIT DA is now available to you. These simple techniques will enliven your body, making you feel lighter, faster, and looser before and after training.

We have helped UFC vets like the Diaz Brothers, Nick and Nathan; Tamdan 'The Barn Cat' McCrory; Kevin 'The Shaman' Jordan; Eddie Bravo, Jon "Bones" Jones, as well as many rising stars from some of the Northeast's toughest teams. Let us help you learn the hidden side of your art. Join the DIT DA revival. 215.880.1951
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